Then, we've decided to reconstruct Metallica's live '99 with the Symphony Orchestra. If you have not seen it before, please be sure to check this out (you can find professional videos recorded in 2015 - 2016) 

Frankly speaking, sometimes we get stuck with the fact of the next live's fame. It is the most viewed and the most rated work (shot in TeleClub in 2014), but we don't feel any pride of it. Still it is history, and we'll post it here.

After all, some funny stuff. When we were around 20 yo, the only thing we were dreaming of was playing some concerts. We've seen it in our dreams even when sleeping, so we've caught the first chance to do the best thing in our lives and started performing Metallica's songs. In the beginning, though, it looked really shitty. Bingo club, 2013, our first recorded live: