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Released April 2016

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Lyrics Of Life - Scream Inc.
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It takes a lot from a man to stay the one that they used to see you,
It's hard to run from the pain that you've gotten yourself into.
Why only when there's no turning back we realize the things we shouldn't have done?
Why not a speck of light is shown?

We hold our lifes in our hands and we are free to make our own decisions,
But if the rain won't stop we know there's something we misunderstood.
We are the poets of the lyrics of life, it's only us who can make things right,
It's us who makes sun shine so bright.

This road didn'
t lead to nowhere, but it had no turns to save you.
What matters is what's left behind.

When we've got things to say we send a message to the ones who'll listen,
So many of those who did made you a part of their heart and soul.
It's all of them who shall carry the torch, in their minds is where you'll always fly,
Your wings will never be denied.


This road didn't lead to nowhere, but it had no turns to save you.

What matters is what's left behind.

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