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2008. April – the legend begins, as the band is formed in Kyiv and starts to rehearse together.
Scream Inc. - under the name ‘Y-Axis’ dominates the national tribute festival in Kyiv, and joins forces to create their own material, gaining massive popularity across clubs, while winning more attention, views, and fans.
Releases debut album Shouting Out Loud and divides their strengths between composing original
hits and playing Metallica tribute.
First nationwide tour under the name Scream Inc. with the Metallica tribute project. Complete and unrivalled success - 30 cities, 30 sold-out clubs.
Live EKB record is complete, with one of the on-tour shows featuring 50 back-to-back concerts.
After the Metallica Symphonic Tribute show reaches perfection, Scream Inc. plays 100 concerts in top venues across ex-USSR countries - including a complete sold-out show in the 6,000 seat Kharkov Sports Arena. The band also begins production of their 2nd original album.
2016 - 2017
Earth-shattering European tour includes Poland, Germany, Holland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Romania, and Bulgaria. April 2017 - Live Sentrum is recorded. The band makes an international breakthrough on YouTube – with 5,000,000 views on their channel!
Frustrated with the low-quality symphony score, the drummer of Scream Inc - Andrew Liutyi - a composer, by education - starts creating his own sheet music, listening to the original S&M 99’ and meticulously pitching each, and every note. Upon perfecting his craft, the band starts to produce their unique Metallica tribute album alongside the Symphony Orchestra, arranging songs previously excluded from the original S&M.

Scream Inc. plays Metallica. Online Concert. TRUE LIVE.

From the masters behind the
Metallica Symphonic Tribute Show


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